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During your first visit, no matter for which treatment, your current and any relevant medical history will be discussed in detail to gain an understanding of your presenting problem. Then usually your posture, muscle health and joint mobility are assessed, and sometimes blood pressure, reflexes and other clinical investigations are also done. It may be necessary to refer you for further tests such as blood analysis, x-rays or scans, although this is not common. A treatment plan will be discussed with you and with your consent treatment can begin. Appropriate self-management and remedial exercises can also form part of the healing process.

It is not necessary to be referred for treatment by your doctor, although some patients are. The number of sessions required for a specific problem varies, although an average number for a typical complaint is 3-6, and most people get some relief after the first treatment. In some cases follow-up and/or maintenance sessions (every 3-6 months) are recommended as these can be very effective as a preventative measure.

It would be helpful if new patients turn up about 5-10 minutes early to allow time to fill in registration forms.  This will allow more time for actual treatment.

OSTEOPATHY / ACUPUNCTURE / SPORTS and REMEDIAL MASSAGE – you may be asked to undress to your underwear although it is not always necessary, especially if the patient is not comfortable doing this.

CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY / PODIATRY and CHIROPODY – these treatments are usually done fully-clothed (except for foot treatments where your lower limb maybe uncovered) so please try to wear loose, comfortable attire (preferably not jeans).

Regular Check Ups

If you suffer from occasional discomfort or have a history of injury preventative treatment and advice can be a worthwhile investment in your short and long-term health and well-being. Like a car our bodies need regular maintenance to function efficiently so even if you are symptom free check-ups allow potential problems to be detected and managed before they develop further, just as regular visits to the dentist reduces the chance of needing a filling.  You only have one body so MAINTAIN IT FOR LIFE!