Whether acute or chronic suffering from back and neck pain can affect your daily life. Generally it is not normal but many people can accept it as so, unaware that there is treatment available. Back and neck pain can occurred for many reasons including:

  • altered posture
  • change of daily circumstances e.g. a different bed on holiday
  • disc injury
  • ligament sprain
  • muscles strains or spasms
  • nerve entrapment
  • stress
  • trauma
  • underlying pathology

to name a few. In many cases (but obviously not if there is an underlying pathology) Osteopathy, sometimes together with Medical Acupuncture, can often help to alleviate your symptoms, and commonly the benefits are evident after the first treatment.

Whatever your age, if you are experiencing back or neck pain why not find out if we can improve your quality of life.


Patient: 31-year-old female

Condition: Pain in the low back, between the shoulder blades and also suffers neck pain and associated headaches/migraines. Symptoms had gradually got worse over the last year.

Previous History: Patient had suffered hip pain and been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome. General health was good.

Presenting symptoms: There was a decrease in upper neck movement although lower back movement was good. The muscles in the upper neck and lower back were very tight.

Treatment: 3 treatments over a six-week period. Treatment included soft tissue (massage), manipulation, and ultrasound. Patient reported no headaches after the first treatment and after the third treatment her back was much better too. The patient has returned intermittently over a four-year period for treatment for her back or headaches, and the symptoms usually resolve with one or two treatments.

Patient: 52-year-old male

Condition: Two-month history of pain in the left arm which could go as far as the thumb. The symptoms were aggravated with neck movement. No associated headaches or weakness in the arm.

Previous History: Patient had suffered similar episodes (and seen us before), but nothing for several years. Previous imaging showed a history a disc prolapse in the lumbar spine and moderate osteoarthritic changes in the cervical spine.

Presenting symptoms: There was a decrease in neck and upper back movement, an increased tone in the neck and anterior chest muscles but no evidence of compromised neurological tissues.

Treatment: 2 treatments over a two-week period. Treatment included soft tissue (massage), manipulation and ultrasound. Patient cancelled his third treatment as he reported that all symptoms had resolved.

Patient: 47-year-old female

Condition: Five day history of acute low back pain which had caused an altered posture, but there was no pain into the legs.

Previous History: Patient had suffered a similar episodes 2 years previously and had seen an Osteopath. Patient felt that her symptoms had stemmed from a trauma 15 years previously. General health was good.

Presenting symptoms: Movement was very limited due to the acute muscle spasm in the upper and lower back.

Treatment: Initially 4 treatments over a four-week period. Treatment included soft tissue (massage), manipulation and mobilisation. Patient was feeling very much better. The patient was seen intermittently over the next six months as her symptoms relapsed and remitted and she started on a 3-month maintenance programme, which in time will be spread out to 4-6 months.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss further whether we can help you.