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Welcome to the Peachey Therapy Clinic, a busy, friendly practice offering Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Medical Accupuncture, Podiatry/Chiropody and Sports and Remedial Massage. We have sites in both Edinburgh and Loanhead. Here our aim is to consider the patient as an individual.  As well as treating the presenting symptoms we also try to establish their cause, as well as provide the patient with lifestyle and self-management advice to help prevent a reoccurrence. We also advise on the benefits of maintenance treatment to help keep the body in a state of health and avoid problems arising in the first place.

Unfortunately we are, generally, very bad at looking after our bodies. We would think nothing of spending money on a meal, servicing our cars or even a new pair of shoes (that we may only wear once!!). However, unlike all these transient items our bodies are for life so treating it well and servicing it regularly is a worthwhile, lifelong investment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns before booking a consultation. Alternatively, if appropriate, to enable you to discuss your symptoms before undertaking treatment we offer a 15 minute FREE ASSESSMENT with the Osteopath or Podiatrist.

Happy New Year – 2020

New Year – New Decade – New You! You said it last year and it never quite happen, but this year you really mean it!

Having enjoyed the Festive Season, perhaps a little too much, it is time to opt for the healthier options and get fitter. This is great so long as it is done properly, especially when it comes to keeping fit. After all having decided to finally make some healthy changes you don’t want an injury to set you back.

After a period of inactivity a change in exercise or a sudden surge of enthusiasm can lead to a person hurting themselves, so build any workouts up slowly. If you start experiencing pain in any part of the body then either stop, amend your activity, or seek the advice of an Osteopath to ensure you are not injured or have an underlying problem that is being aggravated by the new activity.  We can also give advice on appropriate exercise or suitable stretches to help get you to your best.

New Year – New You it’s really going to happen in 2020!

Updated 1 January 2020