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If you are unsure whether we can help with your condition please contact us to discuss.

  • Aches and pains – throughout the body
  • Arthritic pains – relieving the symptoms, not reversing the condition
  • Back pain – which may be localised or radiate into the legs
  • Circulatory problems – massage can improve blood flow in an area
  • Fibromyalgia – helping with the symptoms not curing the condition
  • Frozen shoulder / Tennis elbow – which can occur for many reasons
  • Headaches – which may stem from the neck
  • Joint pains – for example caused by growth spurts, repetitive movements or osteoarthritis
  • Migraines – even if you are a long term suffer treatment may be able to help your symptoms
  • Muscular spasms and cramps – throughout the body
  • Neck pain – which may manifest as headaches or pain in the arm
  • Nerve pain (neuralgia) – such as sciatica, which may be due to a disc injury
  • Posture related problems – such as shoulder tension and pain in your mid back or arms
  • Symptoms associated with the inability to relax – for all ages
  • Minor sports injuries and tensions – which can affect your performance